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from Denmark, EU, planet Earth!

Articles that may come up here are Bitcoins etc., which I dont understand the logic behind..? It seems to be money made of of thin air, perhaps you would like to buy a letter "A" on this site, and pay me money each time I type "A", that seems to be the logic behind bitcoins, ...I belive it is a bubble, but the trades with the US stock "gameshop" stock showed us how dangerous it can be to short assets, even though it might be bubble....what happens if it tripels or more, and you lent the stock out in order for it to fall in price, so you can buy it cheaper, and score the difference, which is what you really do if you short an assets, e.g. a stock.


I will also try to cover the coming Hyperinflation in the USA!

So what is hyperinflation? In short it's when prices move uncontroled upwards...Central banks in the West like EU with ECB, and USA with FED, aims for prices to increse 2% a year...because some economists belive 2% price hikes per year is there to "greese the the economy", but what it does, is to make debt worth less by 2% per year...Some states with huge debt may have an interest in driving inflation upwards to deminish their debt size, if all prices goes upwards with 100% per year, including wages, your house (with a 1 million dollar loan) will now be worth 100% more, and suddently the 1 million dollar loan only costs 2 years of hard work (because of higher wages), instead of 4 year..Or houseprices could fall, because only few can afford e.g. 40% interest rate on your mortage --> Which leads to a housing bubble instead! Inflation is the best friend for the highly indebted persons, municipalities, states, nations and federations. The one might add that one needs a fixed interest loan, instead of variable rent, because otherwise fishers equation states that the nominal interest rate is equal to tbe real interest rate plus inflation I=r+i. One may think that there is a clear positive correlation between the amount of money the central banks print and the prices within the economy. When the state prints money its called "seigniorage" (from coinage by feudals lords or something), and this means the government can get a lot of free stuff, it it will also mean more money chasing the same amounts of goods, and that may very well lead to inflation! (Money times velocity equals Prices times real economy) (M*V=P*Y). One might call the increases in prices based on moneyprinting an "Inflation tax"...the state and citizens think they get free money, when the centralbank prints money to pay for something, but in reality, prices just go upwards, functioning as a tax on peoples wealth, in short an inflation tax! Perhaps all the huge different types of "bitcoins" that are Popping up out there, are there to prepare the US population for the collapse of the US dollar, and these are prepared substitutes, so Americans dont have to pick the "Euro" or "Renminbi", but can choose something patriotic like bitcoins!

Below you see the development in the broadest of US Money supply M3 (vs. M0 (cash), M1, M2, M3), The M3 includes "eurodollars", which is US dollars abroad, (vs. Euroyen e.g. which is Japanese yen outside Japan)...This is why there will be hyperinflation, some central banks have printed too much money, and now we see more money chasing fewer goods (because of Covid-19). (M*V=P*Y) ...more money (M), lets assume volocity constant (V), higher prices (P), lower output (Y)!

Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, M3 for the United States [MABMM301USM189S], retrieved from FRED, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis;, May 30, 2021.

I see 4 things that will happen because of this:

1. - Hyperinflation or close there to in the US

2. - Huge rise in interest rates.--> which leads to a housing bubble, because fewer can afford a 40% interest rate on their mortgage!

3. - Gold prices will skyrocket...

4. - The US dollar will collapse and will fall in value vs. to the Chineese "Renminbi" or the European "Euro".

So that was some of my own thoughts regarding economics, which I studied for 1+ year at University of Copenhagen, but now I think I wil try to use youtube to get some stuff also, there is so much knowledge there, one should really use it! Let's start with something they call coding music:

This one is more relaxing:

French vs. USA

This is also relaxing, but more Russian style:

New US F-15 Eagle (F-15EX Eagle II)?(Fly-by-wire):

Let's have some more coding music:

More music to chill at...I belive she has a tv screen at her bed, and uses it as a window for space and spaceships. A way to make a small apartment look bigger in the future:

So let's do some more economics, here I found a youtube-video that covers India's economy:

And here we have a video with the investor Jim Rogers: